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Registered CLEC – State of Washington

CSK Communications, Inc., a registered CLEC in the State of Washington, builds customer-leased fiber optic and wireless outside plant communications systems and Ethernet for the communities of the Pacific Northwest.

CSK Communications, Inc. is also registered with USAC (Universal Service
Administration Company) to provide telecommunications services to schools,
hospitals and rural communtities under the SPIN/BEAR Number: 143026507

Registered Electrical (01)/Communications Contractor (09) – State of Washington

CSK Communications, Inc. is licensed to install all electrical systems as well as inside plant fiber optic and copper structured cabling systems for its customers by the Dept. of Labor and Industries a valuable protection against inadvertent non-code installations.

Registered Electrical/Communications Contractor – State of Idaho

CSK Communications, Inc. can, not only install the needed telecommunications systems but can also provide electrical installation. These two go hand in hand at new sites where the whole infrastructure must be installed.

CSK Communications, Inc. is licensed to provide the above services for any public agency in the State of Idaho.


Dan Stutzke RCDD
CSK Communications, Inc.

A life-long resident of Spokane Washington, he attended SFCC and is a 4-year Navy veteran trained in the field of Electronics and Electrical Theory. After the service, his training was “hands on” in the fields of high voltage electrical systems, electrical control systems and telecommunications systems. In 1989 he became involved with IBM Mainframe infrastructure implementation. As time and technology moved from centralized computing to distributive computing, he was commissioned to help develop and design infrastructure for networks that would be flexible and have the ability to change with the changing needs of any and all business processes. He was at the forefront of the EIA/TIA implementation at Avista Utilities. Standards compliance drove him to integrate these emerging computing technologies within one infrastructure system. He founded, with Jim Burke and Warren Miller, Avista Fiber being the Lead Project Manager for this company. He is currently in the process of building CSK Communications, Inc., a Telecommunications Engineering/Consulting company from the ground up to provide the same levels of service that he dedicated to Avista Fiber for the communities of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.